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The world's 10 largest companies by market value

The parent company of the search engine is Google, YouTube, Chrome browser and driver for Android and Gmail...!!!

It produces many products, most notably the iPhone and iPad.........!!!

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.........!!!

A holding company that owns several of the investments it manages is owned by a stakeholder billionaire Warren Buffett.......!!!

The largest independent oil and gas exploration and production company also has significant activities in petrochemicals and refineries...!!!

Was established in 1885 and owns many world famous brands in consumer and health items, detergents, medical equipments and drugs.......!!!

Was established in 1892 and operates in many industrial fields such as power plants, nuclear power plants,turbines and aircraft engines

Active in e-commerce business

One of the oldest and largest American banks was established in 1852

It sells many of the most popular drivers, Windows and Office..........!!!

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